Starting to write

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember.

When I was four I wrote a “graphic novel”: a story that took up an entire notebook, but the story was told largely in pictures. It was the story of Vater the Villain, a wicked spy, and his rather unfortunately named Cousin.

At five I decided my handwriting was too babyish, and taught myself to type on my big sister’s manual typewriter. I wrote a story about Mr Brontosaurus, Mrs Brontosaurus, and their enemy T-Rex.

I scribbled stories under my folder all through school. I wrote to Anne McCaffrey to ask for advice when I was about eleven, and she wrote back. It made my year. I still have that letter somewhere, in the envelope magically postmarked Ireland. I was convinced that one day I would be a novelist. I sold my first story when I was fourteen, and it appeared in a national magazine.

These days, I’m writing novels, and hoping one day to see them in print.

What’s your writing story?