I sold a book!

I’m delighted that Samhain Publishing will publish TALENT TO BURN, an urban fantasy novel with strong romantic elements, in June 2014.

As a child, Cat Wilson could not read minds, see the future, or start fires like the other Talented kids inside the shadowy Grey Institute. Tired of being an experimental guinea pig, she ran away, leaving behind her beloved brother Eric, and she’s kept running ever since.

Jamie Murphy is a charming former conman and professional gambler with a Talent for finding people. He brings bad news for Cat – her brother has finally broken away
from the Institute but he’s lost control of his firestarting Talent and killed five people. Jamie works with a group of outcast and misfit Talents who want to help Eric, but first they have to find him, before the cops or the Grey Institute…and before he kills again.

I’m excited that this book will be published, and so happy to be working with the nice people over at Samhain!

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